Saturday, 31 March 2012

Step is the most difficult novel I have written. To try and redeem a character is never an easy task. Being the writer, in my head there is redemption, but will the readers feel the same? Even I have trouble liking a character when they are weak. I want to yell at them, tell them to get some . . .  well you get it.
But this is why I write. I love creating a character that has 'issues' and Step has it in spades. I want real life in my books, the honest emotions that make a character weak and vulnerable. It may even make you dislike or pity them, but the difficult climb back up that hill to find their strength and courage is so much more meaningful.
I spent a lot of time with a therapist discussing my character and the issue. It had to be precise, how they felt, why they felt that way, how they could repair themselves. I never want to make light of a serious issue and the story has to show that.
Step has taken many drastic turns with the writing process, but like the characters, the struggle only makes it stronger.


  1. Please tell me Step is about Kilter. I'm dying to know what happens when he goes back for her.

    FYI: LOVED 'Jump' - a few grammatical errors with "than" rather than "then" and "know" rather than "no" BUT loved the story - not too slow, not too fast, and well developed characters and story line.

    1. Thank you, T-Boog. I hope I have fixed most of them, I am no editor, lol. I have reposted an updated copy of JUMP, however, it takes a while to post on some sites.

      So glad you loved the story:) I can't tell you who STEP is about, sorry. It will be announced on the release of my website at the end of May.